Nikki Nikki 9Dorz

A Vancouver dwelling, Fluevog wearing, zombie loving, happiness advocate, sharing her tips, tricks and life hacks for having a fun-filled, age-appropriate night out in this amazing city!

Re-Boot: Nikki 9Dorz + Vancity = True Love 4-Ever!

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Sooooo, hog jowls….what can I tell you? Basically, they are pretty gross. You can place them on top of a fancy cracker comprised solely of rare seeds harvested from the depths of an ancient, untouched rainforest, cover them with a finishing sauce made from the finest red wine that money can buy, and serve them in a room that costs more to rent for one evening than many people spend on housing for an entire year. None of these things change the fact that when all is said and done hog jowls have the same texture and aroma as the fat that clung to the edges of the shrivelled up, Super Value brand pork chops that my grandma used to serve at Sunday dinners, circa 1978.

Anyone who follows my Instagram and Twitter feeds knows that I am very privileged in that I have a very active social life, and I am extremely fortunate to have found someone to share my life with who has the same drive and desire to eat, drink and celebrate their way through the rest of their lives as I do. As a result of our many food, beverage, and travel centered adventures I have found myself, at the ripe “old” age of 40, involved in a mad, passionate love affair with the fair city of Vancouver, and for the first time in my life I am getting out there and really getting a piece of all of the amazing people, places and events that this city has to offer. This, as you may have guessed, includes events that serve hog jowls. Mlech!

In addition to this, anyone who knows me personally knows that  despite having settled into a life over the past several years that is everything that I could ever want it to be, things for me, as is the same with countless others, have not always been so joyful. My life course has seen me navigate a large number of abrupt twists and turns, some that seemed to have come out of nowhere, and if this taught me anything it is that you can set out on a path expecting your journey to deliver a very specific experience, but that does not mean that in the end that is how the Universe intends things to play out.

And you know what? I have learned that in situations such as this, the best thing to do is simply hang on, and roll with it, because in the end, that is where you are supposed to be.

When I first created Nikki Nikki 9Dorz I did so with the intention that it would serve as a space for me to share and explore my love of both storytelling, and the power of the written word (for more on this, check out this post here), however as I have progressed through the process of learning how to optimize the power and reach of my voice on the magical interwebs I discovered that in addition to telling stories about the crazy things that happen to me, I also have the opportunity to share with people the philosophy that just because you are over the age of 25 it does not mean that banned from being within the downtown city limits after 6:00pm.

While some may maintain that painting the town red is a young(er) woman’s game, I  wholeheartedly disagree, and going forward here at Nikki Nikki 9Dorz, through sharing with you the awkward tales of my not-so-everyday life I hope to pass along some of my own tips, tricks and life hacks for having an amazing, age-appropriate night out in the city!

True Love, 4-Ever!

True Love, 4-Ever!

Are you excited to learn about fun, age-appropriate things do to in the city of Vancouver for the 40-something crowd? Do you have a favorite haunt that you would like to share with the Nikki Nikki 9Dorz community? Please let me know in the comments below!


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